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Do you need some REAL fitness motivation?

Do you enjoy being in the company of like-minded people?

Would you like to achieve more in life, become stronger, more confident, get in great shape, have more energy throughout the day and enjoy life much more than ever before?

How does it feel to celebrate your greatest achievements together with friends?

Sounds great doesn’t it?




Here at Move-Strong’s Small Group Kettlebell Training we are blessed with the best students in Bristol: supportive, dynamic, friendly and achieving results beyond their wildest expectations!


We want you to be part of it!

We are running regular weekly group kettlebell training sessions focusing on improving your health, strength, physique and well-being while having lots of fun. Our tools are whole-body exercises mainly using kettlebells and bodyweight. Our current students love it and I’m sure so will you! Come and try it now!

It’s a truly unique group!

It’s unique because with revolutionary methods we can fine-tune your training to your individual needs during group sessions. You constantly work in ‘Your Zone‘ which can be described as challenging, yet possible therefore enjoyable. And guess what? And this is the way you can achieve the fastest progress too!

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Focus on YOU

As we limit the number of students students per group, you’ll experience a 5-to-1 trainee-trainer ratio which permits everyone in the group receive the attention they need for the best results. We offer training times to suit your schedule: we have several training group sessions running weekday evenings.

As of the above, spaces are limited to 10 to 15 students per training group (depending on trainer availability). So grab yours now before it’s gone!

Spaces are limited! Act now!

You get MUCH MORE than an ‘ordinary training class’:

  • introduction to the basic principles & techniques and constant learning;
  • personal evaluation and re-evaluations to follow your progress;
  • a lot of focused attention as there’s a max. 1:5 trainer-trainee ratio;
  • a strong support system to reach your goals;
  • a fun and friendly group;


We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

We have a limited offer for you too. Take advantage of it before it’s gone!

  • Purchase 4 months of kettlebell training at once and receive one month free!
  • Purchase 8 months of kettlebell training at once and receive 4 months free!

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And here’s all the practical details

We currently offer the following sessions:

One-hour Small Group Kettlebell Training

Learning, mobility, strength training and metabolic workout in one hour. Ideal for complete beginners or advanced ‘players’. Any fitness level will be able to find suitable training on these sessions. Expect constantly learning something new, refining your technique, becoming stronger, constant improvement and fun and intense workouts.

Tuesdays 12:00 / Tuesdays 19:00 / Thursdays 18:30

So what does it cost? 
Small Group Kettlebell Training – 1 x weekly: £35 / month
Unlimited Kettlebell Group Training: £50 / month
We have an exclusive offer for you now. It is valid for the first 15 applicants. So here it is:
Purchase 4 months of kettlebell training at once and receive ONE MONTH FREE
Purchase 8 months of kettlebell training at once and receive a whopping FOUR MONTHS FREE 
(That is an entire year’s training for the price of 8 months!)