Lessons from a personal trainer in Bristol.

I spend a lot of my time in the gym, training my students, training myself or for example writing this blog post. In the upcoming series I will address some lessons which can help you reaching your goals quicker. The lessons are pretty random, some of them are applicable to life in general while some […]

Kettlebell Warrior Challenge Bristol, MoveStrong Personal Training

What is the Kettebell Warrior Challenge? KWC was developed by the Hungarian StrongFirst Instructor community to motivate their students by showing them how much better they become in the matter of months. You have 12 minutes to complete the challenge, the execution is strict the exercises are need to be performed in the following order: […]

Kaatsu Personal Training Bristol

I’m very excited to share a little secret with you today. At Move-Strong we are known for being minimalist in our methods. Generally we like the most simple training tools and we believe in the mastery of the basics. Normally high-tech gadgets are out of our interest unless they are as AWESOME as Kaatsu. Keep reading and you […]

Love Story… Finding The One, StrongFirst Kettlebell Training

Getting fit is on the agenda for most of us. You might be at the planning level or you already follow a path. Even if you are a seasoned athlete, you are working on getting better every day. But how to start? What to do? Many fall into the trap of jumping into something without […]

A Rough Start…

Embarrassing story of my first attempt to get fit…   I still remember the first time I went to the gym. It was about 13 years ago. It was  intimidating… Very intimidating!   I was an obese teenager. Few of my friends were training there and I decided to join as it was really cheap […]