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MoveStrong Success Stories

David Before and After he decided to change his life

Yes, he knows where you are coming from! (And yes, he hated being photographed as a fat kid.)

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Maarten, 35, Airship Captain

Maarten started training with us in November, 2012. His amazing ability to stick to a program consistently and his 100% dedication brought him results through some one-on-one sessions and guidance over the phone / internet (and following his program at home). He lost 30kgs in 6 months, and his strength doubled  in that time. Although life got us live far away from each other, we are still in contact and he still keeps training based on the StrongFirst principles he started learning with us (and achieves progress after progress). We are incredibly proud of you Maarten!

before-may-2012    Before and after (6 months  difference)      fit2

“As of today I’m finally Captain of the air ship. I truly believe going paleo and swinging kettlebells has really helped me to achieve this milestone. For flying you need a lot of confidence, which I lacked until recently (I was a nervous, overweight and underperforming student pilot), but getting into shape has really transformed the way I look at life and perform.”


Minia, Massage Therapist

Minia trained with he Hell’s Kettlebells group. She surprised us again and again with her progress in strength!

“I found out about these guys through LivingSocial. I joined to keep fit and get stronger in my arms core legs and bum. I didn’t know about kettlebells and how great they were before joining. I had fun and looked forward to the class. It is a fun innovative way of getting fit. They’re not like any other kettlebell class you’ve been to! I went thinking I would be strengthening my arms and ended up strengthening my bum legs core and arms. These guys are passionate about what they do, they know their stuff and will always make sure you are doing things safely. They are approachable and friendly.”


Sarah France, GP

Sarah has been with the Hell’s Kettelbells Group since August 2014. She has always lived and active lifestyle and adding kettlebell training in her life has made a real difference.

“A very friendly kettlebell group; as a beginner I have been impressed by their thorough coaching, really focusing on good technique. I love it and even just coming once a week can feel the difference.”


Sue Elliott, Animator

Sue has been training with the Hell’s Kettlebells Group for over a year now. It looks like she fell in love with StrongFirst style kettlebells training. She never stops: once she achieves a goal she sets a new, even higher one. Training became part of her life.

“Kettlebell training made me realise how nice it is to feel strong. I like how positive the group sessions are. No-one is ever forced to do more than they can, and no-one is ever made to feel bad if they fail. This is definitely what motivates me to try as hard as I can. I also really enjoy the care you put into the warm-ups and cool-downs, the primal move stuff is great! I would and do recommend training with Hell’s Kettlebells, to everyone, all the time! It’s great to finally find such a positive and supportive fitness group, where you can choose your own goals and work towards them under your own steam. David and Natalia are both excellent instructors and they are obviously passionate about what they teach. They are always able to answer any questions you have, so you will never be left unsure about what you are doing. Feeling yourself getting a little bit stronger every week is just wonderful, I can’t thank Hell’s Kettlebells enough for training me!”


Femi Robinson

When Femi joined us, she was already an extremely fit, active and strong lady. They say it’s not easy to give to someone who already has everything. This is similar for her in terms of fitness, still, she could find something to take away from Hell’s Kettlebells Group training.

“I like that it is very small and intimate and friendly and welcoming. It also introduced me to better technique.”